Data corruption occurs for many reasons and in a variety of ways on a multiple of software and hardware products with database requirements. These database requirements involve the following key factors in common:


• The database structure and indexes from a technical point.


• The database data from a business point (ex. Accounting data that doesn't balance)


There is no real way to prevent all database systems from ever suffering due to a system crash and there are only two key ways to try to prevent downtime or at least to minimize it's impact and cost:


• Proper implementation of GOOD Backup and Restore software and hardware, usage policies and procedures and efficient software and hardware maintenance and testing procedures. This should also include proper restore documentation in circumstances requiring multiple files or databases being restored and the end result requires that they be synchronized by chronological order (date/time).


• Built in Redundancy in the overall environment, from using servers with Raid Hard Disk configurations to UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies). The key is to ensure that servers and storage usage protects against hardware faults as much as possible.


Conamex Data Repair/Reconstruction services have been used for decades by an assortment of businesses for fixing and balancing accounting data and more recently for working on SQL and Exchange troubleshooting.


Conamex offers it's services for many products and database systems, the following is a list of some of the most current services were provided on:


• Accpac Plus accounting databases


• Accpac for Windows


• Exchange (Ese)


• Active Directory Services




• Pervasive


• DB2


Conamex can assist by providing the required services once the data has been reconstructed and the company operational again, to evaluate, make recommendations and execute them with reference to current backup and restore systems, software, configuration as well as policies and procedures.


Network Server Crashes are among the worst occurrences that can hit any company. In this day and age of critical server applications that operate enterprise-wide, such as email, ecommerce and databases loaded with information. Unlike a desktop that crashes and removes generally only one user from operations (although this could still be a critical position) it does not affect the entire enterprise from operating: a server has much wider implications from local to worldwide operations.


When a server goes down, especially one that is operating critical applications, the cost in troubleshooting is usually the least of your worries. The longer the down time the more the company may be out of operation, staff idling, clients orders and shipments can't be processed, there are so many areas of concern and costs involved, that the first key is to get back on line ASAP.


Todays servers are extremely sophisticated pieces of equipment, usually running a multiple of enterprise-wide applications, causing major negative effects for the company, as well as for the consultants troubleshooting the system. Problems can come from software crashes, system driver crashes, an error in patch updates, etc.


For help in bringing your servers back up or any other crash or security breach you may have call us and get your company functioning now Contact Conamex.